Unique 12 ply Silky Suri Alpaca Yarn

Suri Alpaca

Suris are the rare form of alpacas.


Suris have a silken fleece that hangs straight down off the alpaca. It has all the normal advantages of alpaca fleece - soft to touch with no prickle, high thermal properties and natural colour - plus it has a silken texture with a natural "lustre".

12 Ply Knitting Yarn

This unique "super" 12 ply yarn is made from Black, Grey, Fawn and White suri alpaca fleece.

  • fleece from Australian Suri Alpacas
  • totally manufactured in Australia
  • a unique knitting product with very limited supply
  • a really lustrous and silky yarn
  • 200g balls of 12ply yarn - approx. 280m length.

SuperSuri -  a unique, rare and amazing natural knitting yarn made from Australian Suri Alpaca fleece.


Colours -

  • Bold Red
  • Black As
  • Silver Grey
  • Slate Grey
  • Classic White

200g "super" balls


Available now (shipped by Australia Post) - Go to the "Store" page,


There is a very limited supply of this unique Suri Alpaca knitting yarn.



by Lorena Laing


A collection created using SuperSuri 12 Ply yarn for the Winter 15/16 and Spring 15 seasons.

For ordering details of these fabulous creations click this link - AMANO


Kaye Adolphson Designs


Specialising in quality hand crocheted designs.

Her original patterns have been sold around the world.


For more information - Kaye Adolphson Designs

SuperSuri features in the Winter 2015 edition of Alpacas Australia.


An article by Robyn Betts, a partner in SuperSuri is accessible by clicking this link - SuperSuri Article

Another article in the magazine by Lorena Laing - Amano - covers her journey to creating her amazing fashions from SuperSuri super size 12 ply Suri alpaca knitting yarn - click this link - Amano Article